Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We will be fine.

We are all trying to
make sense of our experiences.

Some go to fortune tellers,
some understand them from religious teachings,
others bank a good 3K on Life Coaching.

We are all trying to
make a better life based on our experiences.

Some change their names believing it will bring a smoother future,
some attempt to change their entire attitude and outlook,
others do what they believe they ought to do
and pray hard.

My experiences for the past few years brought me a lot of fear.

At the same time,
I was lavished with love
and heartfelt appreciation towards Life itself.

There is nothing more we can do
to show how much we cherish our lives,
than to immerse ourselves in every possible moment
of happiness and bliss.

Hence I refuse to be beaten by fear.

If anything were to come,
it will come.

There is nothing much I can do about it,
for life is such that you can only expect the unexpected.

Instead of fearing for it,
I want to embrace what I have now.

And I shall live with the knowledge
that I have done what I can do.

The rest is up to my faith.

This post serves as a reminder,
of what is really important to be focused on.

I have much to be afraid of,
but being afraid isn't going to bring me anywhere.

I need to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel,
and believe that light is not too far away.

We will all hang in there and be happy about it, won't we?

We will be fine.

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