Friday, January 03, 2014

The return of the death-eaters

This is the story of a little town
who was once peaceful
with friendly and helpful souls all around

There were a few death-eaters
but they weren't powerful enough to cause chaos
only some nuisance
but very often can be ignored

Then one fine year
some good souls left for greener pasture

And more death-eaters disguising as good men
infiltrated the little town

As more and more of them gathered
they revealed themselves
creating havoc at the expense of those who remained

These were times of agony
with much anger among the good people

However all bad things will come to an end eventually

As one by one
the death-eaters left

The good souls of the little town finally regained peace

All is happy and fine

Until one day
an elderly announced that she came to know
the plans of those death-eaters who left
to make a comeback
one by one


Have a strong urge to tell this story.

Felt sad telling it.

I, together with the other good souls,
will pray hard
for prolong peace of the small little town.

If all goes wrong,
well, there is always the greener pasture.

The end.

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