Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Health Log [ 7 July 09]

Two weeks into the second semester.

Felt a little difficult on the very first day,
calmed myself down & all went well after.

It comes throughout,
on and off.

I was better at managing it.

Cindy told me of her own experience.

She too went through many tests and checkups,
only to find nothing wrong with herself.

Similar symptoms,
difficulty in breathing, exhausting heartbeat.

In the end,
she attributed these to stress.

the very question all doctors asked.

No, I do not feel more stress,
as compared to what I have been taking.

It has been like that all these while,
perhaps a little more here and there,
but not extremely significant.

But then again who knows.

I look forward to the results on 16th.

If I am all well, I am very grateful;
if not, I will do what I can to get things right.

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