Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's finally raining!!!

Hope that it brings
cooler December climate
in Brisbane as well.

*fingers crossed*


Super Saiyan 3 said...

The weather is hot over here, let's wish there is more rain fall.

蓝月 said...

Weather is HOT over here as well.

No wonder our Minister Mentor always say, airconditioner is the greatest invention ever.

Hands and legs up for it!

[[ luoning ]] said...

currently in sydney we are experiencing the hottest spring in a decade or so.
thanks to global warming T_T
you realise you will be arriving in brisbane right smack in the middle of summer?
anyway good luck. perhaps miraculously it will be the coldest summer in brisbane since a decade xD

蓝月 said...

yes... i realised that... i am praying very hard for a cooler summer.