Friday, August 28, 2009


i am in the midst of markings,
feeling really worn out right now,
missing someone very badly and
did i tell you i saw some blackish weirdo stuff,
hanging around the void deck on the opposite block,
at a weirdo timing of afternoon 4 o'clock,
that i thought might freak the hell out of me,
but calm as i was, i just say to myself that,
i am tired enough, please don't come and try scare me now,
and i said a prayer after,
the infamous "Our Father in heaven",
and i reminded myself that,
i should learn to memorise the "Mother of God" prayer as well,
and then i tried to remember the buddhist chants,
that i used to learn in Maha Bodhi,
that USED to be ever so helpful in bad dreams,
and then i try to chant it in full faith,
and then i start to think about my future home,
if i should have a cross or a buddha's stautue,
or can i have both, since i am pretty well-taught in both,
then i thought of my recent falling health,
and i thought of the rising housing prices,
then i thought of the stupid September holidays packed with work,
and i thought of my burst bulb that kept me in darkness,
then i thought of my father who never help me buy lightbulb,
and i thought of the MayDay concert i can't sing along in,
then i thought of the amount of money i spent on,
buying medicine and health-nourishing products,
and then i thought of my nauseated feeling in the morning,
then the Tussil 5 that are not working,
and the flu that have not been here,
for quite some time since i took Tamiflu,
then i thought of going to take the flu vaccine,
and then i try to convince myself,
that you know,
despite all these,
it might not be so bad after all,
because you wouldn't know,
it can be worse for all.


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無名小卒 said...

Buddha won't mind you having a cross in your home or that you have used lowercase for Him and uppercase for your god. That's why He is called the "Teacher of God and Men" - 人天師。 Why would a Teacher squabble over such "recognition" with his tudi? :)

god however would mind very much if you have a Buddha in your home or if you had use lowercase for his title while capitalizing the word "Buddha". That's why he is called a "Jealous God". So luckily you capitalised correctly :)