Monday, August 17, 2009

Lesson learnt

Always be responsible.

Try not to create sh** for people,
for one day the same sh** will come back to you.

And always try to help when you can,
because there is such a thing as



Super Saiyan 3 said...

I believe in Kharma, but i never seen any.

蓝月 said...

I believe in Karma, I've seen plenty.

You just have to wait long enough, and that will eventually come.

無名小卒 said...

No lah, how can there be Karma? Karma is a Buddhistic concept which implies that no one is able to save you but yourself and Buddhas "merely" show (teach) the way (path). So, if you do bad, you suffer bad consequence that no one can save you from. If you do good, you enjoy good consequence that no one can rob you of. Isn't that very illogical? I think it is much more logical to believe that if you do bad, you will not suffer any bad consequence at all, simply because some one else has already suffered supposedly on your behalf thousands of years ago. And logically, no matter how much good you do, you will still suffer a lot for a long long long time, in fact forever, simply because you do not believe in someone and because that someone thinks whatever you do is never good enough for him. Isn't that more logical?

Not like that meh? :)

Also, why believe in what you see? Should believe in what you cannot see. In fact, the more it defies logic and the more you have not/cannot see, the more you should believe in it. For eg, have you seen anybody fly before? No? That's why if someone tell you that X years ago, he heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone who heard... that someone flew, you should believe in that!

For this reason, virgin birth and becoming alive again after death are both very believeable :)