Sunday, September 27, 2009

Health Log [27 Sept 09]

Yesterday CS brought me to
the Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic
at Plaza Singapura.

My very first visit to a TCM Physician.

When we got there,
this counter staff was giving a patient,
her medicine packed in many packets.
I frowned and immediately turned to CS,
telling him I don't want to take so much medicine.

Then another staff start explaining to me the fees,
and she mentioned acupuncture.
Once again I frowned and turned to CS,
telling him I also don't want acupuncture.

I think I am really not used to it,
and everything seemed to put me off.

CS felt it and ask me to decide
if I still want to see the physician.

No point seeing the doctor
if I have such strong cognitive dissonance.

I know I am just being unreasonably judgmental,
so i went ahead with it,
treating it as another experience.

So this senior physician Yu beckoned me into the room,
and I dragged CS along.

He then asked me some questions,
and help me 把脉.

He said:“你的脉象很乱。”
Whatever that means.

Then he said I have weak lungs and heart,
and told me to drink more water and sleep earlier.
(Ya, like I don't know already.)

Then he decided to give me some medicine,
to strengthen my body constitution.

When CS asked him
if there is a probablity of my throat growing polyps (生茧),
he suddenly became defensive, and said there is no such thing.

What?! There is such thing lor.
Hello, I've read medical journals about it?

Anyway, the entire session lasted less than 10mins.

When we came out,
we drank the red date tea that was served outside.
The only better experience since we came in.
And CS simply loved the sweet that was served at the counter.

Altogether we paid $69 for 7 days of medicine.
That is a lot of bitter medicine to take :(

And the first thing CS said when he came out,
is that even if I get well, I will not attribute it to TCM,
because I was so skeptical.

Fine, I will be a good girl
and take the bitter medicine faithfully.

But I will still want an endoscope,
to find out what's going on inside.

And whether I will go and see that physician again,
we shall keep our fingers crossed, and see how.


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si kang said...

to me, i feel that sometimes doctors are also doing trial & error, like the engineers.
based on patients' feedback, they adjust their prescription accordingly and see the response.
i would say, if nothing works out by the regular specialists you are seeing, no harm to try TCM, though their physicians depend a lot on experiences.