Saturday, September 26, 2009

NOT soon

And after doing out the budgeted excel sheet,

it showed that
you need at least 85K

if you want a proper banquet
with all those important miscellaneous,
a lovely house to call your own with furniture,
and that honeymoon you have been dreaming about.

Now would those who mind
a Ritz Carton Shangri-La buffet-style banquet,
please stand up?

Sun & Moon has been very very poor,
especially spending all those monies
on cab, doctor and medicine.



Anonymous said...

How about investing in your marriage ah?

Anonymous said...

sorry just drop by to say something.

actually marriage is very simple, ROM only also can, it's totally depend on individual. since the budget is so tight, y not consider simple wedding? simple wedding also good for ur frens who going to attend ur wedding.

anyway, simple wedding also can live happily ever after. :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl if budget's tight, you can always ROM first, get the house then have customary dinner. You will get a better queue no for HDB if you're already married.

Really all depends on how you wanna do it.. Good restaurant with good food is much better than nice-name hotel with bad food :P

cutewei said...

just have a simple lunch buffet to replace the normal customary dinner. don;t need to spend so much on wedding dinners and photo shooting. To me, i will be more emphasize on the honeymoon and house. that's all.