Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 35 + 6 days

Mommy's weight : 60.8kg (Weight gained: 16.8kg)
Baby's weight : 2.454kg

I was appalled to find myself gaining 1.2kg in a week, 
whereas little man just gained 176g. 

I would probably have felt better
if I had indulged in all those durians, moon-cakes, ice-creams and chocolates,
resulting in this weight gain.

But I had not.

To be precise I ate as per normal,
wholemeal bread, cheese and milk for breakfast,
brown rice and mixed vegetables for lunch,
some fruits at around 5-ish when I get a little famish,
and a standard takeaway for dinner on whatever hubby can buy.

I know I should not keep dwelling on it,
but gaining beyond 15kg is not what I anticipated.

I have a small and petite frame,
I don't really grow an appetite during the whole time I was pregnant,
where on earth does all that weight come from?

It never fails to amaze me
to be carrying so much extra weight around.

No wonder I get tired so easily.

Little man oh little man,
please be good and take some of Mommy's weight.

Though Dr Tan keeps saying that you have a good weight,
but you could probably gain a little more.

Mommy has this strong feeling
that you are so going to be like your Daddy,
having the skinny genes.

And your Daddy is gleeful about it.

Mommy says that
if you are going to be so much like Daddy,
Daddy should set a good example for you.

These days Mommy keeps telling Daddy
to change some of his habits
like constantly playing with his iphone and MacBook,
even when watching TV.

Mommy is going to be strict about such things.

Mommy's little man will grow up with good manners and good habits. :)

Can't wait to hold you in my arms
in a few more weeks' time,
Mommy's darling little man.

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