Monday, November 19, 2007

To be

I thank you,
for granting my request.

It gives me a peace of mind,
to know that there is an end to this particular ride.

It has not been an easy year.

I tried, I cried,
and before I realised it,
I survived.

It never once crosses my mind,
to hope for an easier year ahead.

That is not why I am here for.

For that I am grateful,
the opportunity,understanding and support.

Whatever lies ahead,
I promise to do my utmost best.

I will prove my vision.

I will meet,
and try to exceed your expectations.

A ladder rat,
I do not want to be.

But a contributing individual,
is what in myself I want to see.


JoyfulJazzyMummy said...

Wherever the path may lead you, just enjoy the journey first.
All the best, dearie sista.

Super Saiyan 3 said...

You chose your path with great heart.

乘著風的蚊子 said...

沒有chat box是明智的哦。

蓝月 said...

学姐,yes... I think I am beginning to see the joy in it.

赛亚,thank you (deep bow).