Monday, May 28, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

It was reported,
that deaths occurring in the sleep are on a rise.

It is probably inappropriate to say this.

In my opinion,
to pass away in one's sleep is perhaps,
the best way to die.

I've always thought of myself,
someone who does not have too long a life.

As silly as it may seem,
it is actually very comforting.

For every moment of my life,
it changes perception and attitude,
whenever I think of my short life.

And it would actually blessing,
if I were to pass away in my dream.

And if I were to die in my sleep,


do pay me a visit.


Super Saiyan 3 said...

So i should pre-book an open ticket to singapore???? Aiyo, i am as silly.

My story is not much different from yours, as i would imagine i had a serious head injury and become "eggplant" in the hospital, and often i tell others if i worth something to you, pay me a visit then.

Hey, i still wanna feel the world after i left....

蓝月 said...

haha... ya, why not? No one knows what's going to happen to me the very next minute.

I wouldn't want your scenario. Not being able to move around and do what I desire, is worse than death for me. I need to dance around, and be able to smile and frown.

Death does make you cherish whatever you have more, isn't it?

Super Saiyan 3 said...

Either way, you can't dance around no more. ;p

Death still freak me out, as i fear the unbearable losses. But as i grow up, i try to make things last longer, as least in my mind it feels like that. So the older i am, i fear less.

I feel death before, at least in my mind it's like that. It's less pain than i thought. But sick is pain, at least in that moment, i felt 生不如死。

蓝月 said...

when you die, you have nothing else to lose. the only one who will feel the pain, are those who love you.

i don't fear my own death, but it sadden me alot to think of the death of someone i love.

i guess, being sick is quite different. it's like being left hanging there. you're neither dead, nor fully alive.

i hope that you'll never have to go through what you went through again. :) stay healthy alright?